LITE guard Trench Shield: Clip On Hand Rails and Safety Fence

LITE guard handrail attachments for trench shields

As part of the LITE guard range we produce a variety of clip on hand rails. Our clip on hand rails ensure a greater level of trench safety by attaching directly to the trench shield. LITE guard basic hand rails consist of 2 clamp on posts connected by two horizontal rails like most hand rails for trench shoring supplied to the industry. All meet the minimum requirements of A.S. 1657 and are made from Galvernized steel, so it will not rust. Long life, very strong.

Improved Shoring Handrail and Fence Design

The new improved design Handrails and Safety Fence designed and developed by LITE guard meet all the relevant standards. In the new design the posts clamp to the trench shields and have positions for two fence panels per rail.

You can install two posts in position on the trench shield as wide as possible to fit the handrail panels. Then pick up the fence panel and lift into place. To do this have the panel top edge leaning away from you, rest the top edge of the panel on the post below the two tabs and lift upward. Once the panel is as high as you can lift it, push the bottom of the panel against the posts and release. The panel will drop into position secured to the post with no pins and clips.

Clip on Hand Rail Sizing

Panels come in sizes 5 sizes: 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000 & 4000mm long. All panels are 950mm high. The panels have a mesh infill 150 x 100 spacings vertically & horizontally.

Clip on Hand Rail and Fences Uses

Use With Trench Shields

If placing on a 6000mm long trench shield you could install 3 posts and install a 4000mm long panel and a 2400 long panel. The panels would overlap on the centre post. The second panel would be installed using the same method but resting the top of the panel against the first panel and then lifting the panel up. Once in place you then drop the bottom down into the second outer slot.

By placing the middle post off set to the centre you will be able to slide either panel to one side and create a gap between the fence panels to pass items into the trench safely. If you have a Ladder mate on the trench shield the sliding panels allow you to install the Ladder mate and still have the rest of the shield protected from anyone falling into the trench.

Pedestrian Fence

The LITE guard Handrail / Fence Panels are dual use. With the addition of legs at either end pinned in to place the trench shield the hand rail panel easily converts to a Pedestrian fence. If you have a need to keep pedestrians safe and distant from your work area during the day, the LITE guard Handrail/Fence quickly converts to a Pedestrian Fence. So the Dual purpose LITE guard Panel is great value for money, will keep your trenches safe and the public safe from the work site.

LITE guard Handrail / Pedestrian Fence Gallery