Ladder Mate with Telescoping Walkway

Ladder Mate Aluminium Trench Access Platform

LITE guard's “Ladder mate” clip on ladder access platforms and telescoping walk up ramps are high quality aluminium designs.

Our ladder access platforms and telescoping walkways provide for safe worker access whether the trench shield is sticking out of the ground or has been benched in. The Ladder mate ensures workers have a very safe platform to stand on when to entering or leaving the trench shield.

The most dangerous point of any excavation is the access to the ladder. It can be easy to fall in to the excavation if standing on the trench edge in wet or muddy boots. By providing a non-slip surface for workers to access the ladder the ladder mate solves this issue .

Ladder Mate

The floors are designed to with stand the dead load of 2.5kPa a concentrated live load 1kN at any one point.  Hand rails can all carry more than the minimum requirement 550n applied at the centre of the span in both directions, inward and outward.

The Ladder mate clamping system is designed to fit most trench shields on the market.

The Ladder mate has the option of the ladder on either side of the ladder mate to give some flexibility on site.  The ladder resting rail has a steel clamp to secure most sizes of ladder and secured in place by either flip over lug or a double turn buckle securing nuts. To reposition the ladder from the left of the unit to the right side requires a spanner and you unfasten the two nuts and bolts and reposition the bar on the other side of the ladder mate.

Assembled weight of a ladder mate is 20kGs designed to be handled and placed by one person, no need to use an excavator to reposition

All ladder Mates come with the connection points to attach a Telescoping walkway.

Telescoping Walkways

The Telescoping walkways were designed to meet the need to access the Ladder mate if the shield was either raised out of the ground or benched into the ground. There are two sizes 1200 to 2000mm and 2400 to 3500mm. Both with a telescoping floor to give some flexibility in the distance to get to the Ladder mate and provide a safe angle to walk on. The floors and handrails meet the minimum loads required in the standards, AS1657.2013 & AS1664

All come with relevant handrails and kick/toe boards all meeting the 550N in either direction, in and out.

Both walkways attach to the ladder mate with an aluminium rod that secure the walkway to the ladder mate and is secured in place with an R clip.

The 1200 to 2000mm walkway weight just 18kgs

The 2400 to 3500mm walkway weight just 39kgs

All  Ladder Mates and Telescoping Walkways meet the requirements of both:

  • AS 1657.2013 Fixed Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders, design and construction.
  • AS 1664. Aluminium  Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders and Guard railing, design and construction.