Trench Bridges – Walkways

LITE guard aluminium trench bridge spanning water

All our LITE guard aluminium trench bridges meet the relevant standards and minimum requirements of 2.5kn per sqm of floor area. We can supply trench bridges from 3000mm to 14000mm. All our trench bridges have built in lift points, some with a single point lift in the centre.

Our Trench Bridges can be supplied with a centre gate on one side or both sides. They can be made with built in Davit arm sockets, with Davit arm provision they also have drop down stabiliser legs to stop tipping when using the davit arm. The centre gates can also double as ladder support with a built in Ladder clamp on the gate. Provision is also supplied on the centre lift point for a fall arrest unit.

LITE guard Trench Bridges and Walkways meet Australian Standards

All LITE guard Trench Bridges and Walkways meet the requirements of both:

  • AS 1657.2013 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders, Design and Construction.
  • AS 1664. Aluminium  Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders and Guard Railing, Design and Construction.

LITE guard Aluminium Pedestrian and Trench Bridges meet the minimum requirements of 2.5kN per sqm of floor area.

LITE guard Trench Bridges and Walkways Uses and Purposes

The LITE guard Trench Bridges and Walkways can be used in many and varying situations in the construction industry, for parks and for other purposes. Here are some further details of some of those use and purpose examples.

Bridges for Construction Work

For construction work LITE guard bridges come in different lengths and width to suit the project, from 3000mm long to 10mm long and widths from 900mm to 1500mm. Our bridges can include access gates in the side rails in the centre to provide safe access to a ladder to enter the excavation. The gate when open provides a safe anchor point for the ladder to attach to. There is a flip over bar to ensure the opening to the ladder can be kept safe at all times. Construction bridges can be provided with a single point lift connection which make it easier to move the bridge from one point to another saving valuable time.

Pedestrian Bridges for Councils and National Parks

LITE guard Pedestrian Bridges can be provided from 2000mm long to 14000mm long, widths from 1000mm to 2000mm. They can be designed to be a temporary or permanent structure. Our Pedestrian Bridges can come with a fully compliant non slip surface, or non-slip mesh floor.

Using LITE guard exclusive extrusions, we can design a bridge or make one that fits your own designs. LITE guard use a grade of aluminium alloy that has a higher yield strength than mild steel. As a result our bridges approximately 30% the weight of an equivalent steel bridge and don’t rust. Our bridges can be supplied powder coated or left in the self-finish of aluminium.

We can supply all design calculations to meet any standard you require. If you need clearance under a bridge, we can design ramps up to the bridge or steps if that is a preferred option. Wheel chair access can be provided if there is enough space to allow for the ramp access at 14 to 1 gradient.

Custom Bridges for Other Purposes

Have a factory with conveyors or above ground pipes that you need pedestrian access over? A LITE guard bridge is what you need; custom made to suit your requirements. All we need is a sketch drawing and a few measurements and we can supply you with a Solid works CAD drawing and a quote.

We are a major supplier of construction equipment for the below ground construction industry Australia wide. You can find LITE guard trench shoring, ladder mate access units, ramps and bridges on many major construction sites in Australia.

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