The Company

LITE Industries Pty Ltd are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of LITE guard Trench Shields in Australia. The owners were established Civil and Drainage Contractors and ground workers, specialising in the supply of reticulated sewers to country towns, working in existing backyards or restricted locations. They saw the need for an ultra light shoring system to suit the new range of mini excavators released onto the market and developed the light weight trench shoring system, LITE Guard.

They are able to advise on the choice of trench shields for your particular project and if there is a preference to hire they will assist in locating the closest hire company that stocks the LITE guard product.

One of the benefits of choosing LITE guard trench shields from LITE Industries is that they will customise the shoring to your company requirements. The continuing development of this product makes it the leader in light weight shoring with higher strength to weight ratios than similar steel shoring.

LITE guard aluminium trench shields are in many cases structurally stronger than steel when it comes to the working loads of a trench collapse. LITE guard meets all the safety requirements of the BS EN Standards, USA Standards and Australian Standards

These include:

  • British and European Standards BS. EN 13331.1 and 13331.2
  • Australia & New Zealand Standard AS 4744.1-2000.
  • United States Standard, OSHA Sub Part P

We can work with anyone to develop or modify any of our products to meet your specific needs.