Rumble Grids

Our LITE guard Rumble Grids were designed to the highest standards in conjunction with a tyre company. This ensured maximum tyres deflection for cleaning of mud and rocks from the tyres before the vehicle leaves the construction site onto the made roads.

Rumble Grid Specifications and Use

Sections of Rumble Grid are made to the size of 4000mm x 2300mm for ease of transport. Two sections are required for a complete wheel revolution. Ramps are available to assist entry and egress to the Rumble Grid if they are to be placed on top of the ground. Ramps measure 4000mm x 1000mm. Both Grids and Ramps have a flip over locking together system to ensure they do not move apart while in use. Rumble Grids can be dug into the access track and ramps are not required if this option is used. Created with an All Steel Construction. Other sizes can be made to order.

Load rating of 18-tonnes per axle at 10 kph

Rumble Grid Pricing

Rumble Grid 4000 x 2300mm with lock lugs$5,580.90+ gst
Rumble Grid Ramp 4000 x 1000mm$2,936.70+ gst

LITE guard Rumble Grids Uses and Purposes

The LITE guard Rumble Grids can be used in varying situations on varying road conditions. Here we provide some further details and examples.

Construction Site Access Roads

Any site where construction trucks and trailers are leaving the work site on to a made road should have rumble grids to meet the requirements of the local councils. This helps ensure that the made roads are clear of mud and rubble coming off the site. Which helps ensure that the council road is always mud free and safe for the general public to use.

National Parks and Land as Animal Barriers

The rumble grids can also be used for the entrance and exit of national parks and farm land, ensuring that animals cannot exit the area if a gate is left open by accident. And many more uses.


These Rumble Grids are a great rental unit for Rental/Hire businesses to put into their fleets of equipment to hire. They can also be supplied with rails on both sides ( hand rails) to assist anyone who is trying to walk across the units.

Grids can be Temporary or Permanent

The LITE guard Rumble grids can be installed as temporary unit while a construction site is under construction. They can also be installed as permanent structure by placing a concrete channel / base under the rumble grids. Mud and rubbish can then be washed out from under the grids. The concrete base/ channels can be set up to allow the rumble grids to be installed and secured in place while vehicles are crossing them. Anyone wanting a design for a permanent concrete base can contact LITE guard for assistance with a drawing or design.

Contact the LITE guard team to enquire about your Rumble Grid Needs

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