Dog Bed Trench Covers

The LITE guard Dog Bed Trench Covers are a great easy way to keep your open Trench’s safe.

The Dog bed like design is easy to use and placed either straight over the open trench or on top of a trench shield. When placed over a trench shield they cannot be accidentally knocked off as the legs stop this happening. To be removed they need to be lifted off the shield. On the ground over an open trench they are raised above the ground so anyone walking past would bump into them with their legs first, raising attention to the danger. Finally they can also be held in place with the installation of 2 star pickets placed on the diagonal corners.

Trench Cover Sizes

The Dog beds come in 3 sizes: 1200 x 1200, 1800 x 1200 & 2400 x 1200.

All sizes are made of fully welded galvanised steel tubes and mesh covers.

In Stock Ready to go.

Trench Cover Uses and Purpose

If using the covers on your trench shield while you are installing pipes you can leave hand rails off as long as the covers are in place and continue maintaining safety.

Importantly you can also pour your bedding material through the covers and at the same time stop anyone falling in to the trench.

The covers can also double as a very Temporary Fence enabling you to create an exclusion zone around you work site.  To do this lay them on their side and secure them place with some star pickets and cable ties.

Additionally our covers also work well with our new style LITE guard Handrail/Pedestrian Fence Panels.

Moreover they have been well accepted on all projects. Especially at Tier 1 major projects where safety comes first and foremost.

In conclusion our Trench Covers offer a very cost-effective way of keeping your trench’s safe and easy to use.

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